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Heart break:
Heart break simple means, to be extremely sad over a deep feeling or someone close to you {written by PsHeaven}.

To be heartbroken is to be so sad that it feels like your heart has cracked inside your chest. but you can also be heartbroken when you get dumped by your girlfriend or boyfriend. Waaaaaa. When someone is heartbroken, they are deeply sorrowful or distressed. which means It is unrequited love. It is the loss of someone you love. It feels like you lost apart of who you are. You fight with yourself, trying to convince yourself you are fine.


1. Let go of the pain: in every broken relationship there is pain with out pain you can't feel and enjoy true love. surprise? hahahah don't worry let me tell you, what I mean by pain .

Hear this; love is pain, so if you are not ready to cry you are not ready to love.{saying by PsHeaven}.so now get this: Let go of the pain so you can be free from setbacks example: emotional setback, educational setback, business setback and more of setbacks not listen in here. once you still have the pain in your heart you can't get over it. 

so say to yourself, I can't let this hold me back  I'm a soul to be love and not a product to be bought. i am bigger, and beautiful (for the guys I am handsome) I am smart and I am a first class.

2. Let go of the memories: Hear this, once you are still thinking and  having the memories of your past broken relationship, you will start feeling emotional which is not really good, because it will bring back the pain deep inside your heart, you have a memory card when all actives of life are stored. 

so now this is what you have to do, to let go of the memories. what so ever you have of him or her dispose it because the more you see it the more it bring memories. so let it go!!!!!  Read related posted about love here

and you stand up to yourself and say this words I am the MD and CEO of my heart what I want is what i keep in life I can't let what is not of value to keep me from going and be loved.

3. Learn to love again: The best ways of getting over heart breaks, is to love again. start by loving yourself first because you will not want to hurt yourself. Read more about love here

learn to make new friends . like go out have fan, go on an outing with friends, family and love once. so you can heal from the pain and sadness of being heart broken, by loving yourself and be loved again by someone . seriously you are the love of someone's life. just no that out they  a lot of people truly love you,  is just that you don't no it and you have not notice it. look at yourself tell yourself the truth is they anyone like you out there? no! only you can be you. get this and you will GET OVER HEART BREAKS.

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