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Love is the only commandment which every man most keep to it  

there is a differs between love and infatuation is a state of being completely carried away by an attraction to someone。。。it is an exciting experience an emotional high but it never last long because it is not true Love.

1.True love is not merited but given too : Love is what you don't merit, but yet you are given to. if you need example of True Love, check the story of Jesus Christ john 3;16 ( written and spoken by PsHeaven).

2.True Love can't be run from :Love is something you cannot run from, you don't merit it but you get it you don't hurt it time is love.

3. Love is not sex: [  Love hold so much space not only in our lives, but in our psychology, in our biology, and in our history.) Sex cannot buy love. It is not even a condition for love .Please read carefully girl friends don't give your Boyfriend sex because he is not your husband or wife now listen to me wives give your husband sex because male don't want sex but need sex and husband give your wife your time show her care and love also wife don't forget if you do not give him someone outside will do the giving seriously.
HELLO Listen to me don't give him your body don't also give her your body seriously your body is a treasure
If he love you he will do the right thing let him come see your parents and  do the right thing
And for you if you are feeling honey go and pray you need prayers don't open your leg for him because if you so you will loss your treasure
Sex is not Love .
IF a guy said he love you and start asking you for kiss to romance he is only lusting after you once he had the sex with you he will no longer love you again if you want to have sex wait when you get married.

4. True Love don't court error : Love count no error anyone that loves you don't count your mistake he will always correct you, in our generation today once someone who said i love you   hurt you  i noticed that He will say i have forgiven you because i love you so much but i will correct you and let go of your error because of our love 

5. True Love Grow: You don't force love you let it grow people will always say they love you and another time will change to tell that the are confused they don't know what they feel again the truth about this is that you are just about to see what the person really is feeling you love he or her and you are hurt because you love hmm stay your way alot of people truly love you I'm one of then

6.Love is share : Love is too big it is pain it is share it is FAITH it is TRUST AND BELIEVE this is another fact about true love because i can't say i love you yet i don't have PASSION for you 

7: True love Heals: Some times, when we are hurt, it shows there is a presence of a person in our Inner life but the ability to heal is the strength of Love we share in our Soul!

8. True love is not Lust : love should not be about what you get in return the Word I love should not be mistaking for I'm lusting after you because a lot think they love but seriously check well you will see that is not love but lust that is why a young will see a pretty lady and all he thinks is how good she will be on bed by the reason of his wrong thinking the young will open up to the lady that he love her the moment she accepted him the guy will ask for sex as a sign for her to prove her love for him please love is not prove by sex because it will not increase the love but decreases the love.
No man who really and truly love a Girl would quit a relationship because the Girl refuse to have sex with Him before marriage if at all he wants is marriage because he love and not lust after you

9. Love is all about developing others : love is actions taking in building your life or people's lives. if you love me you will take time to buy my vision and help me develop.

10. Love Has No Reason : Hello what are you reasons for loving him or her ? ok she as a nice body shape, nice smile and hip, seriously my brother tell yourself  the truth you are not on to her or him if your reason for accepting him is because he is tail, he as money and cars, he as six  park and long noise my sister tell yourself the truth are you loving him or liking what he has love is not Base on reasons if it is Jesus will not die for us but He do die because He love us with for no reason he is just to faithful to we that are not faithful to him we hurt him yet he love us and die for our sin. 

11. Love is action taking : Love is not just saying it but your actions. if you truly love someone you take an action of care and kindness towards he or her

12. Love is ever wanting to be with : You can't say you love someone but yet you can't be with the person you love because you love him I think something is wrong with you if I'm communicating say yeah
Let me tell you this Jesus loves you that is why he sent the Holy Spirit to Abba in you so you can't love something and you don't want to be with that thing

13. Love can change you and make you but it is also an art of being careful : Every good girl believes that there is a good him in every bad guy, but don't be fool because , unknowingly to you lady instead of changing him, they may end up changing you. this is applicable to both men
but true love can change you because you don't hurt what you love.

14.  Love is time : you don't  force love you just give it time to develop. Hello when you open up to a lady and she says she love you but don't feel what you feel or she say she love you as a close friend but can't go into a relationship with you don't worry the truth is that you are not her dream guy work on yourself be the best version of yourself I know you would be heartbroken But don't rush into a relationship because love is built by time if she say no to you someone out there is waiting to say yes to you.

15. God is Love : i know you are shock by this right? OK let us go back to our Bible open to the book of john 3:16 
for God so love the world that he gave his only son!!! we are the sons of God so we are love for God is love ... love is the only rule giving with return of heavenly favor.
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