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Nara Ekele by G-zik (new single)

Nara Ekele by G-Zik

Story on how Nara Ekele was composed G-Zik
was gotten In 2017 he had a lot of challenges surrounding my family and I as a was not forth coming every thing seem to be sealed,I couldn't explain it to anyone,I cry all night asking God questions that seems to have no answer it continued as long as the challenge was still there,then one night I was still worried....then I heard a question in my spirit, it says don't you know God doesn't listen to complains? Place God above your worries and he will act as King
all I could sing is Nara ekele, through out the night and few days later in my quiet place God gave me the completion of the song

Nara Ekele by G-zik (new single) Nara Ekele by G-zik (new single) Reviewed by Joshua on September 02, 2019 Rating: 5

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