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Impression that turned depression down video by pastor Victor Okereke

Okereke Victor is a powerful worship leader he was brought up at Assembles of God Church 
his newly release song Impression that turn my depression is a song to encourage the people and let them know that nothing is impossible for God to do
To listen and download this song check the link below



About song the impression that turned depression down by pastor victor okereke

Is all happens on a every good day The spirit of God woke me up and gave me this song on the 7th of January before my birthday 9th of January. Because i asked for a birthday gift The song reminded me where Jesus picked me Dusted me Qualified the unqualified Picked me from dungeon Placed me on a kings high way. I dedicated the song to THE QUEEN AFTER THE KING'S HEART and it has been in the public domain till now, still blessing the world I met a friend who fell into a serious depression, had lost hope and tried committing suicide. God told me make her your friend, clean her up, give her hope and bring her to me. It wasn't easy though, but one thing I told myself is WHEN GOD SENDS A MAN HE BACKS HIM UP. I started the journey with her, told her depression is a name but Jesus is a super name. I created a slogan for my journey with her,which is "GOD WILL GIVE YOU AN IMPRESSION THAT WILL TURN DEPRESSION" and she will say Amen. Little did I know that He who sent me is planning to make something out of nothing. God gave me a song for her through that slogan. Titled : IMPRESSION THAT TURNED DEPRESSION DOWN Have you ever felt restless? Maybe you feel anxious right now but can’t put your finger on why. I think we’ve all experienced it, not realizing this feeling can come from the fact that we’re not content with our life. We think we’re missing something, so we begin to search for it. Maybe it’s from a lack of fulfillment at work or happiness in a relationship or satisfaction at home. Unfortunately, a lot of times we look in all the wrong places for something to fill our empty spaces. Some people look to food while others look to alcohol or drugs. Some try to find meaning and purpose through other people’s lives on social media.

Impression that turned depression down video by pastor Victor Okereke Impression that turned depression down video by pastor Victor Okereke  Reviewed by Joshua on May 16, 2019 Rating: 5

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