The Hunter Who Desired To Kill An Elephant

An exceptionally experienced seeker once appealed to God to enable him to murder an elephant. He felt unfulfilled that he had executed all creatures aside from the elephant. 

So on a specific new year, he settled that his go for the year was to execute an elephant. God asked him "Do you have Everything necessary to be an elephant executioner?" He promptly addressed "yes!" 

So God gave him his longing; he at last murdered an elephant yet acknowledged he couldn't convey it home! During the time spent endeavoring to lift the creature, he broke his spinal string and consequently finished his chasing profession.

As you set your objectives for the year, have you set up that you can convey the obligations that accompany the objective?

Young fellow, you need to wed; when it occurs, would you be able to convey the duties of accommodating your family? Woman, would you be able to keep a home and hold yourself under a man?

Clergyman of God, you look for additionally blessing and power; would you be able to worry about the concern of sanctification, division and blessedness?

You need a superior home this year; would you be able to convey the heap of pardoning consistently?

You need your business to extend, would you be able to convey resting less and buckling down? Same for understudies who need to do well - would you be able to divert the heap of remaining from diversions?

It's insufficient to need to be called an elephant executioner, Would you be able to Convey THE ELEPHANT WHEN IT IS Slaughtered?
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Awesome post. Thanks for the word of wisdom you shared in this post.

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