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14 Tips To Improve Your Lifestyle


             14 tips to improve your lifestyle

 1.Be a good listener and observe every details.
 2.Always ask question just to know what you don't,not to arrogantly argue.
 3.Be humble, receptive,accommodating, tolerant, and teachable always. 
4.Accept your fault,errors, or failures with out damaging your self-esteem, your true worth. 5.Don't wait for fear of mistake but act to avoid the mistake of waiting. 
6.Be creative,study and learn the ways and ideas of great people in your field. 
7.Be a possibility-thinker and avoid negative people always. 
8.Don't be overloaded with activities.Be goal-oriented and result-oriented.
 9.Don't pretend if you don't know anything search out how to know it desperately. 
10.Have a mentor and accept constructive feedback from people. 
11.Have unquenchable passion for anything you do,motivate yourself always.
 12.Be studious, disciplined,and dedicated to your vision. 
13.Always observe a quiet time of reflection, meditation and depend on God for spiritual help and direction. 
14 Don't get over excited and stop because of a particular success, keep going up!!, keep moving up!!, keep increasing!! Up!up!!up!!!!..
It is for your on good to improve your lifestyle...
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