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Keep fighting By Sensi Hero Samson

Keep fighting and never Give up


For everyone fighting depression, feeling alone, feeling unloved and invisible. I just want you to know that it will get better, the fact that you're still here and alive is prove that things will get better because you're strong enough to fight for the most important things which is your life, your peace, your sanity, your happiness... whatever it may be. You're not alone, if no one is praying for you please know that I'm putting each and everyone of you in my prayers. You are too important to me and too valuable to this world, so keep on fighting.
The love God has for you beats any kind of love any human can ever or will ever give you... so therefore you're beyond LOVED. Forget social media, it's FAKE!... Comments, Likes, Followers, Friends and material things don't equal happiness. Find your happiness, discover what makes you happy. Search for your purpose, get ride of anything that makes you feel less than you are. You are SPECIAL, OUTSTANDING & UNIQUE in all ramifications. Keep Fighting...
Written by HeroSamson
# RiseOf a Legend
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