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Top 15 Nigeria gospel songs 2017/2018

                Top 15 Nigeria gospel songs 2017/2018

1. Nathaniel Bassey – Olowogbogboro
This melody was delivered by the numerous honor winning Maker Rotimi keys, Olowogbogboro. Nathaniel Bassey includes surely understood gospel artist by name Grain Adenuga who is additionally the co-author of the melody.

2. Glowreeyah – Jesus is Here

"Wonder Specialist" by artist Glowreeyah Braimah display yet another excellent "Jesus is here" the melody reassures Christians to recall that God All-powerful is dependably close by. A sincere presentation of the affirmation in God's assertion and furthermore the adequacy of the presence of the Savior. The tune is spiked with profound respect that is enlarged with the utilization of vernacular or tongue.

3. Kike Mudiaga – Church One Fire

The melody was delivered by the unprecedented honor winning maker Rotimi Keys. 'Church Ablaze' comes as a clarion call for Restoration, Revival, and Resurgence in the congregation. It highlights conspicuous love pioneer, Nathaniel Bassey, who began the tune with the blast of unconventional sounds from the trumpet.

4.  Frank Edwards Wetin You No Fit Do 
The track 'wetin you no fit do' was self-created by Candid Edwards. The tune is to affirm of God's unlimited Matchless quality and Fondness for his darling youngsters.

5. Prospa Ochimana – Ekwueme

Ekwueme which implies (the God who proclaims it and follow up on it). The tune is Prepared with Eastern religious melody Prospa Ochimana a Music Clergyman who is situated in Abuja. The tune is an unadulterated moderate beat tune introduced in English and Igbo dialect (neighborhood) and furthermore includes an admirer of extraordinary profundity and effect "Mrs. Nwachukwu'.

6. Victoria Orenze – Ablaze

This tune can bring you into another domain of love. Get motivation from this new song of devotion 'Ablaze' that is drifting. Victoria Orenze an energetic love pioneer is the proprietor of the tune. 

7. AgentSnypa – Genuine

Following the positive arrival of AgentSynypa first melody 'High Review' in 2015, The fantastic talented Reggae Dancehall ruler, AgentSnypa gives us another amicable, sticking, rough tune titled "unqualified". 

8. Tim Godfrey – So Great

This melody was composed by Tim Godfrey a multi-gifted artiste. The melody is created by quickly developing music maker SMJ. The exquisite love piece which highlights Xtereme the differing gathering. "So Great" is a proclamation that the entire thing God does is planned. 

9. Dunsin Oyekan – If All I Say Is Jesus

This melody "If all I say is Jesus" is being gotten from Dunsin's most recent collection 'Code Red' – The Love Inclusion, 'If All I Say Is Jesus' is one that fans can take out from the venture and the tune is surprising the web-based social networking as of now.

10. Nosa ft. Nathaniel Bassey – Generally High

Nosa who is under the music record mark 'Chocolate City'. Where MI happens to be the C.E.O. Nosa highlights Nathaniel Bassey in his love single titled 'MOST HIGH' – an unprecedented piece which clearly depicts energy about God-like in the Christian confidence.

11. Mercy Chiwo - Excess Love

Overabundance Love essentially portrays the bounteous, unending and charitable love of Christ. In few words yet with effective tune Mercy Chinwo depicts the affection for Jesus which has been given to all people who will get it

12. PsHeaven - If Not For You

The song written and compose by Precious Sunday who is popularly know as PsHeaven, back up by Heaven's  Crew who is under the music record, Heaven's Record.  Seeing the hand work of God in his life. This Song is an Inspiration a thanksgiving to God for the Gift of Live because He is the Reason I live.

13. Monique – Power Flow

The melody Power Flow by Monique was set aside a few minutes in (Nigeria as yet encountering hard time). Monique needs God mediation in the circumstance of the nation at a hard time. Power Flow has gone past a tune just for the country as it applies to regular day to day existence and conditions. Everybody needs God's mediation and Power Flow is that melody that you need to tune in to for consolation in difficult circumstance. A tune that will reinforce your expectation. Monique nailed this! Power Flow is on rehash. Listen,download the sound and offer with others as the Power Flow.

14. Sinach - No Other Name

No Other Name is a powerful song telling the world that the Name Jesus is like no other.

15. Eben - Without Borders

this is a powerful song of hopeful thanks to the Lord pouring out true worship without any border of heart 

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