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The Good and Great Teacher

The former treatise have I made... of all that Jesus began both to do and teach, Acts 1:1

In the early days after I became physically challenged, I used to move about by crawling. One day my father called me & asked me questions like "can you push a wheelbarrow, can you carry a load on your head, can you dig the ground with a shovel?" I answered no. He said to me "you can't do these things because they require 2 legs which you don't have. The only thing you can excel at is what will require sitting down to do. So sit down and read. If you miss it, you will suffer." He then backed up this advice with stories from his life to teach me the same principle of focusing on your strengths.

Do you wish & preach that your spouse should love you more and care for you. Then DO before you TEACH! Do you preach to your children on the need to love God, live godly and live a life of honesty and hard work? Pls, let them see YOU DO before YOU TEACH!

Man of God, do you want your congregation to learn to give God and care for you? They will learn faster if you DO before TEACHING!

Youth, do you want your parents & society to respect & understand you, DO before you TEACH them! Good teachers teach, the great ones do!

Do you want to have something to teach your children tomorrow or to influence your generation? DO WHAT GOD WANTS. Endure and go thru the challenges. Then you can have what to TEACH.

Jesus began to DO and to TEACH! It can't be the other way round!

Courtesy: Kasarachi
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