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Why You do what you are doing

Why you do what you are doing

Question........ What are you doing????

People ask this question in every giving time of Life

Good day everyone How is your day going I have be thinking about something... Ok Let me start with this.... I Want to ask you questions all I need is an answer..Why Do you Leave???Why Do you Sing?Why Do you Preach?Why Do you Dance ?Why Do you Act ?Why Do you do things you want to do ???For me If I Do not Worship Him hmmm I am telling you that I will lost a lot .... Once I stop to sing for Him I will just stop living..I have to preach Because I am Christ Like and I have a Beautiful mansion any day I stop preaching my mansions will be taking away from me and I don't want that.I just have to Do what I Have to do because, that is the Reason I am Created...Now what are you Doing ??? Are you doing what you are created for????
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