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Understanding The Letter M In MMM

A farmer once picked up the egg of an eagle and let his hen hatch it with its own eggs. Each day, the little eaglet was led out into the bush to hunt earthworms and other insects and was led back home to sleep beside the kitchen. It's leader was the hen, its mates were the other chicks and its mission was to run around on the ground. It LOST ITS IDENTITY!

The letter 'M' starts 3 key factors that determine a man's life:

MASTER: Who or what you follow determines where you go in life and who you become. If you are led by a lazy man or bad habits, you will fail. If you are led by God, you will end well.

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MISSION: Your mission or goal determines who you follow and who you take along on the journey of life. You can't be heading to success and yet ask for direction from those who are going no where.

MATES: Your mates, that is friends or peers, shape who your Master is and whether you will get to your Mission. Your Master and Mission also influence who your mates are.

For the remaining 4 months of the year, check your letter 'M' again: who is your MASTER, what is your MISSION and who are the MATES you are close to?

Let God lead you. Let determination lead you. Your Mission will be easier to achieve. And you must drop every mate that doesn't fit in.


May you find grace.

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