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The Art of Music by #md_wonder

                 In the world today,we have series of Gospel artist who are making waves in the music industry but the main issue arising is the motive behind every song.Most artists are often after the fame and money in the music industry.Seeking the purpularity of being called a well known and influencial artist therby forgetting the main point of Music which is to give God praise.
                       IN the beginning it was so where the main purpose and being of Heavenly habitat is to give God undiluted praise and worship.Musicians should always keep in mind that they have the sole previlage of giving God the only food He eats which is PRAISE.
                  In the minds of todays artist they think that music is all about the fame and pay so it brings a senerio whereby artists wake up one morning and starts singing what they call music forgetting the fact that there must be a story behind every song.
                 Looking at senior musicians like Don Moen,Ron Kenolly,etc one wouldn't help it but notice that in every song they sing there is always a story that carries deep meaning.They dont sing any song without the sole inspiration from God.

       DON MOEN



               Up coming musicians should learn to copy these legends in music.following the path they made and music would return to how it should be.
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