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Mrs anambra 2015 has been dethroned

Few days ago Queen Chidinma Okeke, who represented Anambra State Orumba North, and was crowned the winner of the Miss Anambra 2015 competition was involved in a nationwide scandal after her lesbian sex tape leaked on the internet.
She then responded to the Video claiming that someone photoshopped her face into the video.
And then the worse happened as the part 2 of the video leaked which clearly showed her face (Watch HERE).
According to the leakers They now claim Chidinmma Okeke has been Dethroned and she did not just hand over her crown as reported by some other news outlets. here is how they are reporting it.
“First let me point out something, I have no problem with Chidinma, she is base in Anambra and am base in abj so no connection, but first I am doing my job by blogging such material, she should just apologise to the public for the lies and she should expose the blackmailer who she has been paying money too, which all her friends has been talking about, she didn’t hand over her crown , she was dethroned before all this mess started coming up meaning that the organizers knew about all this so is better she expose who has been taking money from her cause I wonder why the other 2 girls in the video are not part of the discussion trending.
Anyway since she is dragging the name of God into this I went back to my mails and search and the part 2 pix pop out so I have decided to let u all who say is Photoshop know that it was never a Photoshop so view pix below.
Missed the Video? Watch it HERE
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